Friday Sept 25-- Replay Lounge, Matinee patio show w/ Kansas City Hustle

Saturday Sept 26-- The Ship, KCMO w/ Brannock Device (original line-up)




Saturday Aug 22-- The Bottleneck w/ Split Lip Rayfield

Saturday July 11-- The Ship, KCMO w/ Folkicide

Friday May 8-- Replay Lounge, Lawrence w/ Drakkar Sauna

Saturday May 2-- JR Farms, Thayer KS w/ Black Oak Arkansas & Street Survivor

Saturday April 11-- The Ship, KCMO w/ Be Non & The Blessed Broke


Saturday April 20--KCMO, Record Bar w/ Dead Voices & Austerity Measures

The Brick, Davey's, probably missing some others. We will do better going forward.


We played a handful of shows in 2012 that we didn't keep very good track of. They included dates at the Replay, Davey's, The Brick & Folkal. Sorry.

Saturday May 10--Wichita, KS, Jason Brown's Garage

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Sunday Sept 11--Lawrence, KS, Replay Lounge w/ Sissy Spaceship & The Tom Page Trio

Monday July 4--Vinland, KS, Vinland Cracker w/ Spook Lights, Reducto Absurdum, Baby Boomers, Gram Parsons' Minutemen, Michael & Chelsea Buck, Sadie Mae, etc.

Fri May or June--Lawrence, KS, Replay Lounge w/ Mary Fortune(good band)

Friday April 1--Lawrence, KS, Replay Lounge; Early show with the Gleaners


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Saturday September 18--Lawrence, Replay Lounge Patio

Friday June 11--Kansas City, The Brick w/ Brannock Device & Suneaters

Friday May 7--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Drakkar Sauna


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Sat Nov 21--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Samuel Locke-Ward

Fri Nov 20--Wichita, The Anchor w/ the Palpitaters

Sat Sept 26--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Jon Harrison & the Harrisonics

Thur Jul 9--Lawrence, Tap Room w/ the Scriveners

Fri Jun 5--Lawrence, Replay w/ the Gary Gilmore Girls

Sat May 2--Rural Kansas, String Break w/ Split Lip Rayfield, DeWayne Bros & Sluggos

Tue Mar 24--Lawrence, Jackpot w/ Afterparty & The Defibulators

Fri Mar 13--Nashville, 5 Spot w/ D Striker & Handsdown Eugene

Fri Jan 23--Wichita, The Cotillion w/ Split Lip Rayfield & Midday Ramblers


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Thur Dec 11--Lawrence, Tap Room w/ The Blessed Broke

Sat Aug 30--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Bennett Brothers

Fri Jul 4--Vinland Aerodome, Cotter & Phadra's Independence Day Party

Sun Jun 1--Lawrence, Replay Lounge Benefit for Headquarters w/ Drakkar Sauna

Fri May 30--St.Croix Falls,WI, Planet Supply

Sat May 24--Parkville,MO, The Luker Wedding Party & Masquerade Ball

Sat Apr 5--Kansas City, Davey's Uptown w/ American Catastrophe

Sun Mar 30--Kansas City, Fred P Ott's w/ Erik Voeks & the LA Session Legends of Kansas City

Sat Mar 22--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ the Marmots & Jason Alonzo

Thur Mar 13--Kansas City, Record Bar w/ Mr. Marcos V7

Fri Feb 22--Kansas City, The Brick w/ the Blessed Broke

Thur Feb 7--Lawrence, Jackpot w/ the Bennett Brothers


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Sat Dec 29--Lawrence, Bottleneck w/ Split Lip Rayfield & the Hillbilly Wheelbarrow Dipshits

Wed Nov 21--Kansas City, The Brick w/ the Hearers & Drakkar Sauna

Fri Oct 19--Lawrence, Lovegarden, Art Exhibit for Jeremiah Maddock, 8PM

Sat Oct 13--Chicago, Quenchers w/ Terminus Victor

Sat Sept 22--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Bad Folk and Rats & People

Fri Sept 21--Manhattan, Dusty Bookshelf w/ Aid

Thur Sept 20--Kansas City, The Brick w/ The Brannock Device

Sun Aug 5--Kansas City, Fred P. Ott's w/ the Brannock Device

Sat Aug 4--Manhattan, Auntie Mae's w/ Split Lip Rayfield

Fri Aug 3--Kansas City, Live on the Red Wheelbarrow, KKFI 90.1 FM

Sat Jul 28--Tulsa, Soundpony

Fri Jul 27--Wichita, The Anchor

Fri Jul 6--Lawrence, Gaslight Tavern w/ the Marmots

Wed Jul 4--Vinland, Vinland Aerodome Independence Day Insurrection

Sat Jun 30--Madison, Mickey's w/ Aunt Goodness Twelve

Fri Jun 29--Chicago, Quencher's w/ Bear Claw, Caterpillar Tracks & Quatre Tete

Thur Jun 28--Iowa City, The Mill w/ Miracles of God, Ed Grey & Great Lakes

Thur Jun 28--Grinnell, Thursdays in the Park, Early Show, Two Sets

Sat Jun 9--Lawrence, Jackpot Saloon w/ Drakkar Sauna

Fri Jun 8--Kansas City, The Pistol w/ The Sperm & JAshley Miller

Sun May 13--Nashville, Alley Cat w/ Hands Down Eugene & Ole Mossy Face

Sat May 12--Newport, Southgate House w/ Todd Ky Struts

Fri May 11--St.Louis, Lemmons w/ Bad Folk & Rats and People

Lemmons poster by Justin Baldwin

Fri Apr 27--St.Croix Falls, Planet Supply w/ Squib

Thur Apr 26--Minneapolis, Triple Rock w/ Godevils, Chokecherry & MANVIL

Wed Apr 25--Omaha, Goofy Foot Lodge w/ Outlaw con Bandana & Tea Ceremony

Fri Apr 20--Columbia, Eastside Tavern w/ Kodiak, Bald Eagle & Monobrau

Sat Apr 14, Kansas City, The Brick w/ The Sperm & Blue Leaves

Fri Apr 6--Kansas City, Zone Gallery w/ Grant Hart

Fri Mar 23--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Miracles of God & Kodiak

Sat Mar 17--Kansas City, The Pistol w/ Ed Gray & Sal Retta

Sat Mar 10--Wichita, The Anchor

Sat Mar 3--Madison, High Noon Saloon w/ The Pints & Amadhain Boys

Fri Mar 2--Grinnell, Bob's Underground

Fri Feb 9--Kansas City, The Brick w/ The Tourists & Tree

Sat Jan 6--Chicago, The Note w/ Male & Rubbish

Fri Jan 5--St. Louis, Lemmons w/ Bad Folk & The Rats and People

Lemmons poster by David Coscia


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Fri Dec 29--Lawrence, Replay Lounge, 'Year End Immoderation Riot & Orgy': Two sets of music by the Ants with special guests: Jeff Kologe, DJ Clem, Jason Beers, Jeff Stolz, Tom Johnson, Dan Pem, Chris Leopold, Craig Comstock, Ryan Johnson, Eric Mardis, David Moore, Cody Bennett, Sue Phillips & Gabe Lloyd.

Fri Dec 15--Kansas City, Record Bar w/ Ghost of Monkshood & Black Tie Dynasty

Sat Dec 9--Wichita, The Anchor w/ the Eric Mardis Group

Sat Dec 2--Lawrence, Tap Room w/ The Dirty Bird Band

Sat Nov 18--Nashville, Radio Cafe w/ Hands Down Eugene & Ole Mossy Face

Fri Nov 17--St.Louis, Lemmons w/ Theodore

Tue Nov 14--Kansas City, The Brick w/ Wood Roses

Sat Nov 4--Cincinnati, The Comet w/ Kentucky Struts

Fri Nov 3--New York, CMJ Sickroom Records Showcase, Knitting Factory w/ AM Syndicate, Bear Claw, Kash, Instrumental Quarter & Form of Rocket

Thur Nov 2--New Brunswick, Cartwheel Radio on WRSU FM

Sat Oct 28--Wichita, My Room w/ The Marmots

Fri Oct 27--Lawrence, Tap Room w/ The Doxies

Fri Sept 8--Columbia, Eastside Tavern w/ The Doxies & Kodiak

Sat Sept 2--Iowa City, The Mill w/ Miracles of God, Eastside Guys & Vela Nova

Sat Sept 2--Grinnell, Central Park, for the Louis Sullivan birthday celebration

Fri Sept 1--Des Moines, Vaudeville Mews w/ Arise,Devilfish! & Pocketful of Nickels

Thur Aug 10--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Simon Joyner

Tue July 25--Kansas City, Mike's Tavern w/ Association of Spacecraft Mechanics

Sat July 15--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Why Make Clocks & The Blue Leaves

Fri July 14--Kansas City, The Icehouse w/ Why Make Clocks, Forrest Whitlow & the Pickles and Cantus Firmus

Sun June 25--Nashville, AlleyCat w/ Drakkar Sauna and Hands Down Eugene

Sat June 24--Cincinnati, The Comet w/ Drakkar Sauna and The Kentucky Strutters

Fri June 23--Bloomington,IN, Hospital w/Drakkar Sauna and TV Mike & the Scarecrows

Thur June 22--Columbia,MO, Blue Fugue w/ Drakkar Sauna & Bum with a Dog

Fri Sat June 17--Wichita, Barleycorn's w/ Hands Down Eugene & Ricky Fitts

June 16--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Hands Down Eugene

Sat June 3--Lawrence, Replay Lounge, Rundstrom Benefit & Amy Graves going away party w/ Drakkar Sauna, Truckstop Honeymoon, Chubby Smith 5, The Country Money Band, Eric Mardis & Ryan Johnson and Mark Brown.

Sat Apr 29--Lawrence, Gaslight Tavern, Benefit for Mr.Kirk Rundstrom

Fri Apr 28--KCMO, Sleeper Cellar w/ Black Christmas, Namelessnumberheadman & Cantus Firmus

Sleeper Cellar poster by Justin Baldwin

Sat Apr 22--Austin, Beerland w/ Nervous Hospital & The Hotrails

Fri Apr 21--Stillwater, Mike's College Bar w/ The Ills

Thur Apr 20--Wichita, Kirby's w/ J.A.N.E.T.

Sun Apr 9--Kansas City, Fred P Otts w/ The Blue Leaves

Fred P Ott's poster by Justin Baldwin

Sat Apr 1--Iowa City, Mission Creek Midwest at the Mill w/ Captain Yonder, Beth Lisick, Pamela Holm & Poe Ballantine

Fri Mar 31--StLouis, Lemp Arts w/ This is my Condition, Dancing Feet March to War & Living Dudes

Thur Mar 30--Columbia, Blue Fugue w/ Caulfield & the Magic

Fri Mar 10--Lawrence, Bottleneck w/ The Sluggos & Deadstring Brothers

Wed Mar 1--Lawrence, Jackpot Saloon, Drug Policy Forum Benefit w/ The Crumpletons, Trucker, Conner & special guest Ed Rosenthal

Sat Feb 25--Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Wood Roses & Melismatics

Sat Feb 18--Wichita, The Anchor

Jan 27--Des Moines, Vaudeville Mews w/ Why Make Clocks & Ghosty

Jan 21--Lawrence, Tap Room with the Blue Leaves

Jan 20--Kansas City, The Record Bar with Bobby Conn & the Glass Gypsies

Jan 7-Kansas City, Sleeper Cellar w/ Drakkar Sauna, JAshleyMiller & The Sperm


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Dec 31-Lawrence, The Bottleneck w/ Split Lip Rayfield & Truckstop Honeymoon

Bottleneck poster by Jeff Eaton

Dec 30-Wichita, The Roadhouse w/ Split Lip Rayfield & Truckstop Honeymoon

Dec 17-Lincoln, Knickerbockers w/ Eagle*Seagull & Joe Buck

Dec 2-Kansas City, Sleeper Cellar w/ This is my Condition & Cantus Firmus

Nov 12-Wichita, The Anchor w/ Ole Mossy Face

Nov 11-Lawrence, The Replay w/ Ole Mossy Face & Willis Stork

Oct 26-Lawrence, The Gaslight w/ Amelia White & Lila Nelson

Oct 8-Chicago, Subterranean, Sickroom Hurricane Benefit w/ Mass Shivers, Bear Claw, Haymarket Riot

Oct 7-Grinnell,IA, Severin's Living Room

Oct 2-Lincoln,NE, Duffy's w/ Icarian Bird

Sept 17-NYC, Knitting Factory, CMJ Showcase w/ Mass Shivers, First Person to See an Elephant, Greenness, Princess & Julius Airwave

Sept 15-Baltimore, Talking Head w/ Ole Mossy Face & Television Hill

Sept 14-Charlottesville, Twisted Branch w/ Ole Mossy Face

Sept 13-Johnson City,TN, The Hideaway w/ Ole Mossy Face

Sept 12-Athens, Tasty World w/ Ole Mossy Face & Martin Brummeler

Sept 11-Nashville, Alley Cat w/ Ole Mossy Face & Handsdown Eugene

Sept 10-Nashville, The Basement, AMA Showcase

Sept 9-Belleville,IL, 313 Club w/ Ole Mossy Face

Aug 20-Des Moines, Vaudeville Mews w/ First Person to See an Elephant, Sword of Exactly & Pattern is Movement

Aug 19-Wichita, The Anchor w/ First Person to See an Elephant

Aug 18-Kansas City, The Brick w/ FPtSaE & Drakkar Sauna

July 8-Kansas City, Live on KKFI, The Red Wheelbarrow

July 3-Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Drakkar Sauna

July 2-Lawrence, Tap Room w/ This is My Condition

June 18-Portland, Ash St. Saloon w/ Deflower & Delano

June 17-Bellingham, 3B Tavern w/ Party Favorites

June 16-Seattle, Blue Moon Tavern w/ shitty rap metal band from Pulyallup

June 15-Chehalis,WA, The Matrix

June 14-Eugene,OR, Luckey's Club Cigar

June 13-San Francisco, Brainwash Cafe w/ Okay

June 13-Los Altos Hills, Live on KFJC with Mr.Mitch Lemay

June 11-San Francisco, Mission Creek Music Festival w/ Okay & Lazarus

June 9-Denver, Benders w/ Filmstrip Series

May 27-Des Moines, Vaudeville Mews w/ Sword of Exactly

May 14-Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Point Line Plane

April 23-Kansas City, The Brick w/ In the Pines & The Blue Leaves

April 22-Wichita, The Anchor w/ This is My Condition

Feb 26-Lawrence, The Jackpot w/ The Architects

Feb 25-Wichita, The Anchor w/ Will Whitmore

Feb 17-Warrensburg, The Setlist w/ The Pembertons


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Dec 16-Kansas City, The Brick w/ Andy Graham & the Moment Band & The Blue Leaves

Nov 6-Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Sword of Exactly & Will Whitmore

Oct 30-Lawrence, Live on KJHK's Plow the Fields

Aug 28-Nashville, Alley Cat w/ Ole Mossy Face

Aug 27-Columbia,SC, Mason's Friend's Wedding Reception

Aug 26-Jacksonville, Art Bar w/ Greenness & Julius Airwave

Aug 25-Savannah, Sentient Bean

Aug 24-Chapel Hill, Nightlight w/ Ned, Eerie Choir & Evil Weiner

Aug 23-Wilmington,NC, SoapBoxLaundroLounge

Aug 22-Charlottesville, Twisted Branch w/ Jeff Carlin

Aug 22-Charlottesville, Live on WTJU Radio

Aug 20-Brooklyn, Laila Lounge w/ First Person to See an Elephant

Aug 19-Baltimore, Talking Head w/ Television Hill & Madagascar

Aug 18-Columbus,OH, Bernie's w/ Crucifetus & the SSSOS

Aug 17-Chicago, Bottom Lounge w/ Early Day Miners

Aug 16-Louisville, Hippie Bar

July 20-Lawrence, The Jackpot w/ Instrumental Quarter & Betti Ford

May 18-Lawrence, The Jackpot w/ The Strugglers & Burd Early

April 11-Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Drakkar Sauna & Danny Pound


2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Oct-Nashville, Boardroom w/ Ole Mossy Face

Oct-Asheville, Vincent's Ear w/ Ole Mossy Face

Oct-Charlottesville, Tokyo Rose w/ Frankenixon & Bottom of the Hudson

Oct-Baltimore, Talking Head w/ Television Hill

Oct-NYC, Pianos w/ First Person to See an Elephant

Oct-Iowa City, Gabe's Oasis

May-Nashville, Boardroom w/ Ole Mossy Face & Drakkar Sauna

May-Chicago, House Party at Ryan's w/ Drakkar Sauna & Marylander

May-Iowa City, Gabe's Oasis w/ Drakkar Sauna & The Fuck Buttons

March 29-Pittsburgh, Quiet Storm w/ Johnson's Big Band & Working Poor

March 28-Lancaster, Chameleon w/ Karate & Ume

March 27-Baltimore, Talking Head w/ TV Hill, Luminaries & Windowboxes

March 26-NYC, Pianos w/ First Person to See an Elephant

March 25-Charlottesville, Tokyo Rose

March 23-Nashville, Boardroom w/ Ole Mossy Face & Colossal Head

March 22-Belleville, 313 Club

March 18-Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Songs:Ohia

Feb 1-Belleville,IL, 313 Club w/ Ole Mossy Face

Jan 31-Lawrence, Replay Lounge w/ Ole Mossy Face

Jan 30-Kansas City, The Brick w/ Ole Mossy Face


2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Oct 26-Memphis, Map Room w/ Jason Freeman

Oct 25-Asheville, Vincent's Ear

Oct 24-Nashville, Guido's w/ Ole Mossy Face

Oct 17-Kansas City, The Hurricane w/ Karate

Aug 3-Nashville, Springwater w/ Ole Mossy Face

Aug 2-Asheville, Vincent's Ear

Aug 1-Baltimore, Talking Head w/ TV Hill

July 31-Charlottesville, Tokyo Rose

July 30-NYC, Sidewalk Cafe

July 29- NYC, Sidewalk Cafe

July 28-Mississauga,ON, Community Center w/ Rockets Red Glare & Runner

July 27-Chicago, Prodigal Son


2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Dec 8-Nashville, Springwater w/ Ole Mossy Face

Dec 2-Chicago, Big Horse Lounge

Dec 1-Ames, BiFi Records w/ Why Make Clocks