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Cleaning shot out of a duck
in a parking lot by the highway
the feathers roll along the concrete
He wore a ring with a gold lion's head
and he said happiness is not as important in Japan
the difference between happiness and satisfaction
The difference between happiness and satisfaction
you put some seeds down
and the birds come and steal them off the ground
you put some seeds in the dish
and the birds come and spit the seeds out
I'm not leaving to get away from you
but I am leaving assuming you will not be with me
There's something I'm leaving
Out in the street
people are singing songs about the street


So give me that old time religion
old time religion
It's the honest and natural decision
if I'm ever going to realize the vision
of how it should be free and easy
It's not a question really
of why I would want to involve myself in another hierarchy
I'm used to hitting the dip at a pretty good clip in the morning
when no one is out on the streets
in the dreams of my sleep I keep meeting the shadowy stranger
the great rearranger
she blows smoke in my face
then she leaves with whoever she came in with
and I usually don't like him
then I start getting mean
and I retreat to the sleep isolation


Something basic is breaking me
I feel like a dying tree
skin that's containing me peel away the scenery
I've got a lot of love, but I am not keeping up
maybe I need a different clock
Policemen come shoot me
so I can die peacefully
blow away my brains today
I want it in a special way
something strong is pulling me through the dark partition
I have done nothing here
They lied about the weather again
I was in it for half of the day
the sun was not oppresive I sweated my demons away
I'm sweating my demons and weathering the coldest days
there are some things here I would like for you to see
Like the confident captain sailing in his broken boat
smoking from the same dead stash
calling on the same grey ghosts
drinking of the cheapest wine
standing in the pouring rain
Standing in a metal bucket there
below the electric lines
standing in a metal bucket there
below the electrical lines
Come strike me mother nature and light up this dark old room
I want to feel something new
I want to be moved by you
burn out my insides make me forget my name
plant me in a cornfield and grow me
mamacita please don't choke me

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